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A Top Intel Committee Member Just Made A Trump Prediction WORSE Than Impeachment

A Top Intel Committee Member Just Made A Trump Prediction WORSE Than Impeachment

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Wolf Blitzer appeared visibly shaken when Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX), a key member of the House Intelligence Committee, made his prediction about where things will end for the Trump regime. (Video below)

I wouldn’t be surprised if, after all this is said and done, some people end up in jail,” Castro told him.

“Really?” Blitzer asked, seemingly unprepared to deal with such a bold statement. “Not just one individual, but people plural, is that what you’re saying?”

Castro did not blink: “That’s my impression, yes.”

The second term Representative said that he could not elaborate on the details, but to Blitzer’s question of whether he was really “confident that at least some Trump associates will wind up in jail,” Castro gave another succinct and powerful answer:

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If I was betting, I would say yes.

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Castro’s confidence seems to come from a laser-like focus on the facts. The Trump regime has aggressively tried to clutter the investigation with over-hyped distractions, but the truth is becoming increasingly evident:

Members of Trump’s inner circle, and very possibly Trump himself, engaged in illegal contact with a Russian government interfering with our election process in order to help Trump win.

That would not just be a crime, it would be a conspiracy that would make Watergate look like a water park. If there is any justice in the U.S.,  jail time would be a question of not if but when.

Let’s hope the answer is soon.

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