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Trump Just Attacked An Obama Official For Investigating His Russia Ties

Trump Just Attacked An Obama Official For Investigating His Russia Ties

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The next phase of the right-wing’s campaign to shield Donald Trump and perpetuate the delusional fantasy that there was some kind of illegal conspiracy perpetrated by the Obama administration to illegally monitor the Trump team has begun.

Their newest target is, sadly but unsurprisingly, a black woman. Bloomberg View‘s Eli Lake discovered that Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to President Obama, had requested the “unmasking” (revealing the identities of) Trump campaign members collected in the routine communications surveillance of foreign diplomats.

As Lake says in his article, there is nothing illegal or unusual about this action. As the National Security Adviser, she had every right to be concerned about the Trump team’s communications with foreign agents. Lake goes on to specifically say that:

“Rice’s requests to unmask the names of Trump transition officials do not vindicate Trump’s own tweets from March 4 in which he accused Obama of illegally tapping Trump Tower. There remains no evidence to support that claim.”

But this revelation has sent the paranoid nutjobs on the right-wing into a frenzy. Susan Rice is already a favorite right-wing punching bag for her correct assertion that the 2012 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was partially inspired by the release of the offensive “Innocence of Muslims” film on YouTube. This explanation was interpreted as a “cover-up” by the right-wing, since they had already convinced themselves that the blame lay with Hillary Clinton.

It wasn’t long before President Trump himself was fanning the flames and retweeting links to Drudge Report as conservative social media circles howled for Rice’s head- with the usual levels of appalling racism.

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No, Susan Rice did not order “spy docs” on Trump, and nor did she abuse the system. She sought to discover the identities of the individuals who kept on showing up in intelligence reports in communication with foreign agents. They just happened to be Trump team members, which somehow wasn’t a concern for the Trump fans.

It will only be a matter of time before FOX News picks up the story and Trump’s widely debunked assertions that the Obama administration was illegally wiretapping him becomes a full-blown Benghazi level-conspiracy.

The gullibility, paranoia, and vindictiveness of the right-wing is astonishing to behold. Barely an hour after the news broke, right-wing social media was flooded with calls to “LOCK HER UP” for “treason,” even though the original article specifically says this was legal and does nothing to substantiate the “Obama wiretapping” conspiracy.

The right-wing picks and chooses its own reality while ignoring anything that would contradict their preconceived notions, and Trump is slowly feeding them enough scraps of half-truths to turn his “Obama wiretap” allegations into yet another full-blown fake scandal, like he did with the birth certificate, or Republicans did with Benghazi, or the Clinton email server.

Trump has somehow found a way to weaponize the efforts that Obama administration members took to discover the truth about Trump and his team’s collusion with Russia, and we cannot let them get away with it.

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