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These Trump Voters Just Threatened to Sue Trump For A Hilarious Reason

These Trump Voters Just Threatened to Sue Trump For A Hilarious Reason

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A cornerstone and oft-repeated rallying cry of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was building a wall along the Mexico-U.S. border. Now, however, the reality of the race-baiting promise is catching up to border residents, and Trump’s own supporters are getting ready to take him to court to stop him.

Suddenly, border-dwelling Trump voters are remembering what happened in 2006 when the Bush Administration uprooted homes and lives to expand its border fence.

Rather than build a costly boundary that traced the many twists and turns of the border, the fence stretched along straight lines, forcing sizable slices of American property into a logistical limbo — technically United States but physically walled off from the rest of the country on the Mexican side of the wall. (Video below.)

Below is just one example of how the Loop Farm was devastated by the fence:

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 reports that what was bad news for border residents in 2006 will be far worse as President Donald Trump’s recent executive order would expand the border wall “into highly populated areas,” the report says. “It will bisect even more farms, golf courses, resorts, and ranches.”

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Thousands of landowners will be forced to sell their land at any price the government deems “fair” or live with the wall through their land — but not without a fight.

It is a fight will be launched from some of the most unlikely of places. The report asserts that “almost everyone CNN talked along the border” are Trump supporters. With their entire way of life on the line, however, support is waning to say the least.

“You hate to say I would get a lawyer,” said one Texas resident, Pat Bell. “But if it comes to that issue, and you had to, it would.”

All signs indicate that it will most definitely come to that. In 2006, the U.S. government filed 442 law suits to take land from American citizens. In the words of Drew Griffin, 360’s Senior Investigative Reporter, that “will be nothing compared to what’s about to take place.”

The Trump regime’s willingness to trample the lives of American citizens to achieve its extremist agenda spells trouble even for its own supporters. After fewer than 75 days, however, these landowners are feeling buyers’ remorse — and not for the property they own. They are turning on the President that they voted for less than five months ago.

More and more, Americans are waking up to the injustice coming from the White House. Now, even Trump some supporters are ready to resist.


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