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White House Just Cited A Pro-Rape Misogynist As Source Of Susan Rice Story

White House Just Cited A Pro-Rape Misogynist As Source Of Susan Rice Story

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Right-wingers are celebrating “alt-right” propagandist Mike Cernovich as the man who began spinning Eli Lake’s story about President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice requesting the unmasking of the Trump campaign members who were caught communicating with foreign diplomats.

Cernovich is now working tirelessly to convince Republicans that Rice’s involvement is an indicator of some kind of grandiose Obama conspiracy which proves Trump’s accusations of a secret Obama wiretap.

Multiple members of the White House crew have praised Cernovich for his “reporting:”

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But the only thing the Susan Rice story tells us is that Rice, the National Security Advisor, was so concerned by the frequency with which Trump campaign members were showing up in raw intelligence reports that she legally asked the National Security Agency to reveal their identities – a request which was granted.

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So it will come as no surprise that the man who Donald Trump Jr. thinks deserves a Pulitzer was one of the primary circulators of the “Pizzagate” story, which alleged that the Clintons were running a secret underground child sex ring in the basement of a Washington D.C. pizza shop.

Of course, that’s not even the worst part. Cernovich is a notorious rape apologist and virulent misogynist, who has advocated for the slut-shaming of black women to prevent them from getting AIDS, believes date rape doesn’t exist, who has admitted to abusing women, and regularly says deplorable things like this:

While President Trump condemns the news media as “fake news” for pursuing leads into his potentially treasonous collusion with Russian agents, Trump’s son and Trump’s lead surrogate are actively promoting paranoid conspiracy theories from a known racist and rape apologist.

This is the kind of cartoonishly offensive scumbag who the Trump White House views as a “trustworthy” source of information, and that by itself should tell you all you need to know about what is and what isn’t considered an acceptable opinion at the White House these days.

h/t to @KyleFoleyFL for Cernovich tweet collage.

Note: @PlayDangerously is Mike Cernovich’s personal Twitter account. @Cernovich is his official. Both are despicable. You should really follow Colin Taylor instead @Colsbols.


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