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Bill O’Reilly Is Definitely Regretting Saying This Right About Now

Bill O’Reilly Is Definitely Regretting Saying This Right About Now

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Video just surfaced from 2002 of Bill O’Reilly leading a successful campaign for Pepsi to drop Ludacris because of degrading behavior towards women.

Oh, the irony.

Bill O’Reilly is currently in hot water after reports surfaced this week that “FOX News and FOX parent company 21st Century FOX paid out a total of $13 million to settle five separate accusations of sexual harassment and verbal abuse against O’Reilly.”

In the last day alone, 48 companies have pulled their advertisements from The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly’s primetime program on FOX.

In the unearthed segment from 2002, O’Reilly credited his own “[O’Reilly] Factor viewers” for the “firing” of Ludacris. He then delves into a tirade that would serve as sweet, sweet fodder for self-incrimination over a decade later:

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“It was irresponsible for Pepsi Cola, a company that’s made trillions of dollars in the United States, to hire a man to pitch their product who is, in my opinion, subverting the values of the United States.”

Like Pepsi Co in 2002, Bill O’Reilly has made a fortune in the United States. He is worth an estimated $85 million from hosting his television show, The O’Reilly Factor, as well as his work in other capacities. Like Pepsi Co, FOX News and their advertisers are being represented by a man who clearly “subverted the values of the United States.” That is, unless paying off multiple women to suppress sexual harassment allegations are indeed our values.

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O’Reilly continues:

“All of corporate America, in my opinion, needs to re-think their responsibility to their country.”

They have. As advertisers continue to flee in droves from The O’Reilly Factor, at least 48 companies have shown that they are putting country over profits. Or, at the very least, they are avoiding being associated with someone who could harm their brand image – and thus, profits – even more.

O’Reilly concludes:

“By the way, we applaud Pepsi Cola for admitting their mistakes so quickly, for turning it around… I’m not telling anybody what art is, I’m giving you my opinion. He [Ludacris] is not an artist, he’s a thug and I’m entitled to it.”

In the vein of O’Reilly, we applaud all of these advertisers for moving so quickly to abandon O’Reilly and his abhorrent behavior. After all, while some may consider this man an author, host, columnist or political commentator, he is nothing more than “a thug.” And I’m entitled to that.

Watch the full segment here:


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