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Daily Show Just Shredded Trump For Pawning Off His Job On His Unelected Son-In-Law

Daily Show Just Shredded Trump For Pawning Off His Job On His Unelected Son-In-Law

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Last night, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah highlighted the extent to which Donald Trump is delegating virtually every presidential policy responsibility to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. (Video below)

Noah began with a news clip explaining that Trump has asked Kushner to plan the Mar-a-Lago meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week – and also to broker peace in the Middle East.

So, in addition to planning policy talks and entertainment, Kushner has to figure out how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups, end Sunni-Shia sectarian strife, fix ethnic divisions exacerbated by nonsensically drawn borders, and reform repressive regimes. Easy.

But Trump was not done delegating. He is also shirking his presidential responsibilities when it comes to reforming the criminal justice system, running the new office of American Innovation, reforming veteran services, addressing the opioid addiction epidemic, and restructuring the federal government, leaving the un-elected Kushner to wrangle with this myriad of issues.

In other words, Trump wants to lay on the couch watching FOX News and tweeting outrageous statements while Kushner is tasked with turning his tweets into coherent policy, implementing the policies in both foreign and domestic arenas, and generally governing America.

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Trump’s dictatorial impulses have led him to concentrate power in the hands of a few close family members and capitalist cronies. Unfortunately, virtually none of these people actually know what they’re doing and the main thrust of Trump’s policy agenda seems to be ‘scapegoat the marginalized, and protect our power and wealth.’

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By focusing on personal gain over all else, the Trump administration is setting itself up for failure, not least by swamping Kushner with a laundry list of major policy areas that he is hopelessly unqualified to cope with.

Watch Noah mock Kushner’s absurd number of responsibilities:

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