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FOX News Just Revealed The REAL Reason Trump Removed Bannon From NSC

FOX News Just Revealed The REAL Reason Trump Removed Bannon From NSC

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Trump’s favorite media outlet, Fox News, is reporting what may be the REAL reason Steve Bannon was suddenly removed from his post on the National Security Council (NSC).

Apparently, Trump thinks Bannon is getting too much attention.

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts dropped the news at the end of his report on Bannon’s demotion back to just being a Senior White House Advisor.

“We are also told that maybe the President was not particularly happy,” said Roberts, “at the way Bannon had been grabbing the limelight. That may have played into all of this.”

There have been a slew of news stories that called the former head of the rightwing Breitbart news website, “President Bannon,” along with a social media campaign where voters sent mocking postcards to the White House addressed to “President Bannon.”

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This may be Trump’s way of making it clear there is only one President, and he is the man, the only man in charge.

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There is also the theory that as the Son-in-Law rises, Bannon is falling from favor. Earlier this week, Trump’s former campaign aide Roger Stone said on the far-right paranoid conspiracy theory show InfoWars that Jared Kushner texts Joe Scarborough at MSNBC to plant negative stories about Bannon.

That would go along with numerous reports of in-fighting in Trump’s White House between Kushner and other aides. This may be a sign Kushner is winning.

The only thing that appears certain is that Bannon is not as big a player in Trumpworld as he was yesterday.

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