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The NY Times Just Caught Trump Threatening The President of CNN

The NY Times Just Caught Trump Threatening The President of CNN

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The New York Times has released the text of an email from then candidate Donald Trump to CNN president Jeff Zucker accusing the network of dishonesty and warning that he would “get even.”

The email was sent last October following the second presidential debate, during which Trump was asked by CNN panelists about his lewd — and if true, criminal — comments to Billy Bush, which were captured on tape while the two rode an Access Hollywood bus. In the comments, Trump bragged that fame had allowed him do anything he wanted to women without their consent, even “grab them by the p*ssy.”

Trump, known for being computer illiterate,  sent the following email through campaign spokesperson, Hope Hicks:

“Jeff — Too bad you (CNN) couldn’t be honest with how well I did in the debate. The dumbest thing I ever did was get you the job at CNN — you are the most disloyal person. Just remember, I always seem to find a way to get even. Best wishes, Donald J. Trump.”

In 2012, Trump lobbied CNN to hire Zucker as its new president, however the company insists that his input had no bearing on its decision. Regardless, the notion that a media outlet should go easy on a candidate for President of the United States out of loyalty is a staggering and unprecedented misunderstanding of the Fourth Estate as well as a betrayal of a public official’s obligations to the American people.

It takes a special kind of mental gymnastics for a man who is caught bragging about grabbing genitals to then play the victim and threaten those holding him accountable. While we have all seen Trump’s vindictiveness play out repeatedly on Twitter, it seems that his pettiness truly knows no bounds.

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