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Trump Just Tried To Shake Hands With The King Of Jordan And Got DENIED

Trump Just Tried To Shake Hands With The King Of Jordan And Got DENIED

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Today, President Trump held a press conference with King Abdullah of Jordan. After babbiling incoherently about how President Obama was to blame for the crisis in Syria and that he was going to defeat ISIS quicker than we would expect, he returned to the White House with Abdullah.

On the walk back, Trump went in for one of his now infamous handshakes with King Abdullah – and was promptly denied, forcing him to quickly pivot to the arm-pat.

Perhaps Abdullah didn’t appreciate draft-dodging Trump repeatedly referring to him as a “warrior” several times during the conference, which was cut short after Trump struggled to answer questions about Iranian militias fighting in Syria on behalf of dictator Bashar al-Assad.

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Trump had previously made headlines for his bizarre handshakes with Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Japan’s Shinzo Abe, and for his refusal to shake hands with Germany’s Angela Merkel.

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It seems Trump is incapable of meeting a foreign leader without making some kind of absurd gaffe.


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