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The Daily Show Just Popped Sean Spicer’s Inflated Ego With This Hilarious Skit

The Daily Show Just Popped Sean Spicer’s Inflated Ego With This Hilarious Skit

In an administration of historically unqualified people, Sean Spicer stands out as perhaps one of the least qualified people in the Trump White House. Of course, that was just fuel for the flames with The Daily Show’s most recent shot fired at the embattled White House Press Secretary.

Spicer is known for talking down to reporters in the press briefing room. For Trevor Noah and The Daily Show writers, he had done so just one time too many. Their latest sketch portrays Spicer holding a press briefing – with his own, unedited words – except the media was swapped for kindergartners.

To Spicer’s certain disappointment, it works perfectly:

From day one, Spicer showed a high degree of combativeness with the White House Press Corps, establishing immediately that he was comfortable with an antagonistic relationship with the media.

Spicer landed himself in hot water just days ago when he spoke down to April Ryan, an African American reporter, demanding she “stop shaking [her] head.” After handing the incident with class, Ryan was hired as a CNN contributor.

Spicer’s notoriety hit an all-time high – or low, depending on your perspective – when Saturday Night Live’s Melissa McCarthy delivered a brutal blow to the Press Secretary with her impression of him on the show.

With Spicer showing no signs of ameliorating his relationship with the press, America shows no signs of letting up on him. After watching this sketch, maybe that’s for the best.

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