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The Far Right Claims The Syrian Gas Attack Is A Hoax. Guess Where This Originated

The Far Right Claims The Syrian Gas Attack Is A Hoax. Guess Where This Originated

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As the world watched with horror yesterday the aftermath of Syrian warplanes attacking their own citizens with chemical weapons, the far right pushed a different narrative—that the entire campaign is a hoax. Shortly thereafter, the hashtag #SyriaHoax emerged.

It originated in Russia.

The Russians are known for their aggressive bot operations. During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Bernie camp was inundated with “bot attacks.” Rachel Maddow reported about the prevalence of made-up websites attributed to the Bernie campaign that spread fake news about Hillary. Those websites also originated, where else, but in Russia.

The alt-right is rife with false narratives regarding the chemical attack in Syria. They claim, among other theories, that the attack can be linked back to George Soros or even the White Helmets (a Syrian rescue group akin to the Red Cross). They even claim that Mike Cernovich, the conspiracy theorist who falsely propagated the lie that a child sex-ring existed below a pizza shop, started the #SyriaHoax story. He may have been the first to report it, but the story nonetheless originated in Russia.

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Meanwhile, the only other regimes not to denounce the attack were in Syria and Russia. Per The Guardian:

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“The Syrian military said it “categorically denied” responsibility. Russia, which has heavily backed the Syrian regime, said its planes were not operating near Idlib. Early on Wednesday, the Russian defence ministry claimed a Syrian airstrike had hit a “terrorist warehouse” containing an arsenal of “toxic substances” destined for fighters in Iraq.”

With President Trump embroiled in an FBI investigation regarding Russia’s use of his presidential campaign to further their interests in American politics, it is important to know where news – especially fake news – originates from.

The Russians have already infiltrated the office of the President. With yesterday’s actions being called “the worst chemical attack in years in Syria,” the Syrian victims deserve an honest account of what happened. Not far right fake Russian news.

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