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Seth Meyers Just Destroyed FOX For Being The Trump Regime’s “State News”

Seth Meyers Just Destroyed FOX For Being The Trump Regime’s “State News”

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Last night, Late Night host Seth Meyers devoted his in-depth segment “A Closer Look” to exploring the disturbing symbiotic relationship between FOX News and President Donald Trump. Trump has taken to tweeting about FOX and FOX obsessively defends even Trump’s most indefensible moves.

Sometimes Trump recommends that his followers watch particular FOX shows and doles out praise to “Fox and Friends,” one of his perennial favorites. He even told the FBI to watch a particular segment as if hyperpartisan news would somehow sway the FBI into favoring the President, or that cable news has critical information that federal intelligence is lacking.

Of course, the reason why Trump loves FOX is because FOX heaps praise on to him. Bill O’Reilly – who is now mired in a sexual harassment scandal that Trump has defended him from – glossed over the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.

Sometimes it is unclear whether FOX is parroting Trump’s “alternative” version of reality or feeding it directly to him. Trump announced that there had been a terror attack in Sweden after watching a FOX segment about violence in the country. There was no terror attack, and Sweden’s crime rate has remained stable despite an influx of refugees.

Once Trump thrust FOX’s absurd Sweden claims on to the national political stage, FOX went a step further to defend the President from criticism by featuring a fake Swedish intelligence official who defended Trump’s false claims about the country.

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It is utterly bizarre in a well established democracy like America for a leader and a media outlet to develop such a cozy relationship, feeding off of each other’s lies and destabilizing the very concept of truth in society.

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Watch Seth Meyers take down Trump’s state propaganda machine:

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