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Trump Tipping Off Syria Just Backfired in the WORST Way

Trump Tipping Off Syria Just Backfired in the WORST Way

It appears that President Trump’s dramatic missile barrage against the Syrian government’s al-Shayrat airfield was a $70 million failure. Multiple sources are reporting that the airbase is already being used to launch airstrikes again.

Trump’s attack destroyed at least nine and possibly as many as fifteen jets. Seven soldiers, including a brigadier general, were killed in the assault, as were nine civilians, including four children.

Local sources indicate that Russian and Syrian military units were evacuated and moved out of the area before the barrage hit. ABC News has confirmed that the Russians were made aware of the strike four hours before it happened, who almost certainly warned the Syrian air force.

Dictator Bashar al-Assad was clearly unintimidated by Trump’s attack, as he promptly unleashed a flurry of airstrikes on civilian areas in Idlib, Hama, Homs, and Damascus areas, including chlorine gas bombs on East Ghouta.

The lack of lasting damage against the airbase only solidifies the suspicion that Trump’s grand gesture was nothing but a shameful charade intended to boost his poll numbers, create the perception that he’s a strong president who decisively takes action, and pull the public’s attention away from the investigation into his potentially treasonous collusion with Russia.

Here’s the extent of the damage:

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