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Hillary Just Responded to Trump’s Syria Attack with a Powerful Point

Hillary Just Responded to Trump’s Syria Attack with a Powerful Point

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The day after Hillary Clinton delivered her harshest criticism yet of Donald Trump’s presidency, she returned to public view at an Annie’s List luncheon in Houston, TX and perfectly summed up the cruel hypocrisy with which he is handling his assault on Syria. (Video below.)

Like the Senators from both parties who complained that Trump had no actual plan for Syria, Clinton called for a “broader strategy to end Syria’s civil war and to eliminate Isis strongholds on both sides of the border.

“So I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is both strategic and consistent with our values.”

Unlike the Republican Senators who sounded more baffled than anything else, Hillary did not stop there. Rather than focus on only the military strategy to combat the horrors in and around Syria, the former Secretary of State called for action grounded in humanity and compassion.

“And I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot, in one breath, speak of protecting Syrian babies, and in the next, close America’s doors to them,” she said to roars of approval.

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Trump has yet to show any inclination that his new found concern for Syrian babies will translate to a more humane policy on refugees. That being said, a week ago, he was an “America First” isolationist.

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We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but it’s at least encouraging to know that Hillary Clinton will still be fighting for us.`

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