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Ivanka Just Praised Trump’s Syrian Strike. Jake Tapper’s Response is GREAT

Ivanka Just Praised Trump’s Syrian Strike. Jake Tapper’s Response is GREAT

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This morning, Ivanka Trump tweeted that she is proud of her father, President Donald Trump, for ordering a strike on the Syrian military airbase in Homs last night. The strike was ostensibly a response to a grotesque chemical attack earlier this week that killed close to 100 civilians.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper was not going to tolerate anymore attempts by Ivanka to whitewash her father’s cruel and inhumane administration. If Trump actually cared about the victims of “these horrendous crimes against humanity” he would accept refugees, not just bomb an airbase.

Cate Long, a finance researcher, tried to use Trumpian logic to call out Tapper, who responded perfectly to this troll who had the audacity to call him a troll. Tapper rightly pointed out that Ivanka is now a senior White House adviser. She has no pretense of being an apolitical figure, and as such, the press is going to hold her accountable for every single hypocritical thing she says.

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Tapper went on to take down the Trump apologist’s willingness to viciously defend Ivanka’s hypocrisy while shrugging off the possibility of aiding refugees, the world’s most vulnerable people.

Tapper’s takedown of Ivanka and one of her pathetic supporters illustrates exactly what’s wrong with Trump’s America – it’s full of xenophobia, cognitive dissonance, and a willingness to ignore uncomfortable truths.

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