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A Trump Troll Just Attacked a U.S. Soldier. His Comeback is EPIC

A Trump Troll Just Attacked a U.S. Soldier. His Comeback is EPIC

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Vincent is a vocal and progressive African American man with a bio reading, “Dad, Husband, Lawyer, Professor.” Yes, at first glance, Vincent looks like a Trump troll’s dream target: a highly educated liberal elitist in an ivory tower at whom they can hurl disgusting racial epithets.

One troll took the bait and quickly lived to regret it.

“PUPPYBOY”, aka @KroekerTony, tweeted a barely intelligible run-on about President Donald Trump assault on Syria, saying, “it was a finger in the chest to so many countries that we’ve got a new president and he’s not a pussy.”

As if that initial tweet were not embarrassing enough, after Vincent responded, PUPPYBOY humiliated himself by emulating his favorite demagogue — he tweeted a totally baseless accusation and got called out for it:

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To further make the point that PUPPYBOY is doing absolutely everything in his power to be like Trump, he refused to let facts influence him and continued to humiliate himself for the entire twitterverse to see and enjoy:

Clearly, this guy literally would not recognize a hero if he were looking right at him. There may be nothing anyone can say to stop Trump or PUPPYBOY from regularly degrading themselves in public. Sad!

Good thing Vincent is around to outclass them in every way.

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