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Elizabeth Warren Just Blasted Trump’s Crocodile Tears Over Syria

Elizabeth Warren Just Blasted Trump’s Crocodile Tears Over Syria

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Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, perfectly summed up Trump’s hypocrisy in Syria with her tweet:

Trump began his Presidency by attempting to enact an illegal immigration ban, which included all Syrian refugees. The ban was ultimately deemed unconstitutional and struck down in federal court.

After Assad then used chemical weapons on his own citizens, it was widely reported that seeing the “awful” images moved Trump to retaliate on Assad’s forces in Syria.

The irony, of course, was not lost on Elizabeth Warren. Trump was moved enough to spend $60 million dropping Tomahawk missiles on a base in Syria, but not quite moved enough to actually protect Syria’s children from danger by offering them refuge in the United States.

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Of course, if there is one thing that Trump has been consistent in his Presidency, it’s his hypocrisy. Thank you, Elizabeth Warren, for holding Trump accountable and calling him out when Republicans won’t.

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