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Guess Who Made A Killing Off Of US Attack On Syria?

Guess Who Made A Killing Off Of US Attack On Syria?

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It appears that President Trump’s dramatic Thursday firework show wasn’t entirely unproductive – for himself, anyway.

While the $100 million barrage of 59 Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian Arab Airforce’s al-Shayrat airfield ultimately did little permanent damage, the strike was very successful in driving up the stock price of defense contractor Raytheon, which produces the Tomahawk missile – a company which Trump just so happens to own stock in.

Donald Trump’s personal financial disclosure report from 2015 reveals that he owns shares in Raytheon valuing between $1,000 and $15,000, as noted by Business Insider.

While it’s not the largest sum in the world, it’s yet another reminder of all the myriad ways that Trump, who has not divested himself from his businesses, can personally profit from the presidency.

For all Trump’s big show of force accomplished, he might as well have stacked a hundred million dollars on the concrete at al-Shayrat and lit it on fire. He is quickly proving that while he has no coherent foreign policy plan or any idea what might come next, President Trump is very good at concocting elaborate excuses to throw taxpayer money at giant corporations.

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