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Bloomberg Just Caught Trump Cheating Twitter To Seem Popular

Bloomberg Just Caught Trump Cheating Twitter To Seem Popular

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Bloomberg’s Polly Mosendz just published an in-depth look into the people who follow President Donald Trump on Twitter and, it turns out, calling them “people” might be a bit of a stretch.

Most large Twitter accounts have numerous anonymous “egg” followers (the default image for a tweeter until last week). Eggs comprise 7% of Hillary Clinton’s followers, 4% of Bernie Sanders’, and 3% of Ted Cruz’s.

For Trump however, an astonishing 28% of his followers are anonymous — about 7.5 million accounts.

Five Thirty Eight did not hesitate to call them “fake” as far back as April 2016. At the time, Trump was found to have more phony followers than any other candidate, and it came at a time that his count was less than a third of where it now stands.

One could argue that there could be reasonable explanations for @RealDonald’s high egg content. However, for the man who spent the opening week of his presidency bickering over the size of his inauguration crowd, there should be little question that he is exactly petty enough to inflate his Twitter following, using bots (a common and likely technique according to Business Insider).

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Is it alarming that the co-called leader of the free world concerns himself with such trivialities? Of course. But it is hardly a surprise. And lucky for all of us, eggs can’t vote.

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