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Trump Just Slapped The Jewish Community In The Face On Passover

Trump Just Slapped The Jewish Community In The Face On Passover

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Tonight is Passover, the sacred night during which Jewish communities all over the world commemorate the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and the reclaiming of their freedom from the shackles of a deranged tyrant.

The White House traditionally holds a Passover dinner every year, one which President Obama happily attended for all his eight years.

President Trump, on the other hand, has decided to play the role of Pharoah this year and has refused to attend the White House Passover dinner, even though he was present at the White House – presumably busy watching Hannity.

The Huffington Post’s Christina Wilkie reports:

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For Trump to refuse to attend the commemorative dinner of a major Jewish holiday is yet another slap in the face to the American Jewish community, who he has gone out of his way to offend.

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The White House statement on Holocaust Memorial Day made no mention of the millions of Jewish victims who were murdered by the Nazis.

Trump’s White House refused to acknowledge the hundreds of bomb threats that were being called into Jewish community centers around the country. President Trump openly defended the perpetrators of the attacks, suggesting they were “false flag” calls. When Trump was called out on it, he shouted down an Orthodox Jewish reporter and then picked a fight with the Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect.

This is just the latest in a long series of signs that Trump cares nothing for the Jewish community – or is too busy blowing anti-Semitic dog whistles to his white supremacist fans to worry about showing the respect for other cultures that his position demands.

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