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United Airlines Just Gave The WORST Excuse For Assaulting A Passenger

United Airlines Just Gave The WORST Excuse For Assaulting A Passenger

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In an astonishing show of aloof corporate disdain, the CEO of United just released a truly stunning response to his company’s use of security guards to violently remove a passenger from an overbooked flight.

A video of a doctor being dragged by security guards off of United Flight 3411 after being hurled into an armrest and sustaining minor injuries has gone viral on social media – and for good reason. It was a horrifying show of force by a corporate entity being visited against an innocent traveler to rectify a mistake that the airline itself had made. But judging from the CEO’s response, the company didn’t seem too concerned about it:

“Re-accommodate” is one of the most outrageous instances of corporate whitewashing you will ever see in your life. He was not “re-accommodated,” he was physically assaulted and sustained serious injuries.

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The internet quickly pounced:

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United made $2.3 billion in profit last year. Overbooking isn’t a financial necessity, and for them to not even properly apologize after assaulting a customer is the height of arrogance.

Needless to say, a consumer boycott is definitely in order.

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