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Stephen King Just Summed-Up Trump’s Presidency Perfectly

Stephen King Just Summed-Up Trump’s Presidency Perfectly

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Sometimes it takes the twisted mind of a horror writer to conjure up the perfect metaphor for this Presidency.

Author Stephen King took to Twitter today and clowned President Trump with one gloriously perfect movie reference.

This tweet, of course, is an homage to the 1994 Oscar winning film Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks as the title character.

The comparison of Trump – as – Gump, however, only goes so far.  Both guys did find themselves at important crossroads in history almost by accident, and they each ended-up with an insane amount of money.  But Forrest had to overcame a crooked spine, a fatherless upbringing, and multiple financial setbacks after he set-out to build his shrimping empire.

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Trump, on the other hand, grew up healthy, albeit with crooked morals; he had a strong father who trained him in the family business and left him his fortune; and the only setbacks he had to overcome were his two divorces and the multiple lawsuits filed by contractors, investors, and Trump ‘University’ students he stiffed.

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Then again, Forrest Gump did have an undisclosed intellectual development disorder, so, well played, Mr. King.


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