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CNN Just Sparred With Breitbart In A Debate. It Did Not End Well

CNN Just Sparred With Breitbart In A Debate. It Did Not End Well

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CNN’s Jim Acosta and Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering debated at a journalism event entitled “The President and the Press” at the Newseum in Washington over how their respective news organizations have covered the Trump administration.

Breitbart’s Spiering accuses CNN of taking “a completely hostile tone towards the president.” He then brings up CNN’s coverage of Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, claiming that CNN is “not taking the same tone of hostility. And a lot of the news they publish on that, I think a lot of our readers see that as coming from one side.”

Jim Acosta fires back:

“Do you think when the president originally tweeted that ‘Barack Obama wiretapped me at Trump Tower. It’s like McCarthy. It’s like Watergate’ — do you think in the back of his mind he was thinking, ‘Oh yeah, Susan Rice, she unmasked some people and that’s what I really meant when I tweeted that’?”

“My question is, why can’t the folks on the conservative side of the news media just see the facts as they are? I mean, don’t you agree, Charlie, that those tweet on their face are just wrong? The president was not wiretapped at Trump Tower by Barack Obama?”

When Spiering claimed that there was an “element of truth” in Trump’s tweets, Acosta cuts him off:

“We’re not talking about an element of truth. How about just the truth? Why can’t we just have the truth? That’s my question.”

The audience can then be heard giving an ovation to Acosta for calling out Spiering. Trump’s loose interpretation of the truth has become an issue during both his campaign and his presidency. PolitiFact recently rated an astronomical 70 percent of Trump’s statements are “mostly false, false, or pants on fire.”

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Kudos to Jim Acosta for standing up to Brietbart, the Trump administration, and false information in general. In the Trump era, when even the President of the United States feels no obligation to the truth, facts and those who seek them are more important than ever.

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Watch the entire exchange below:

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