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Julia Louis Dreyfus Just Trolled Spicer’s Hitler Defense With This VEEP Ending

Julia Louis Dreyfus Just Trolled Spicer’s Hitler Defense With This VEEP Ending

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Julia Louis Dreyfus, the star of the hit HBO show “Veep,” shared a video in which the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments yesterday fit perfectly into an episode of her show.

Spicer claimed that Hitler never used chemical weapons during the Holocaust. Of course, he did, having gassed millions of Jews and other “undesirables” throughout World War II. When questioned about the gaffe, Spicer stumbled. It looked like the tag in a Veep episode, so the internet made it into one.

In the description, the creator of the video writes that he “spliced together footage and music from HBO’s Veep, about a fictional administration full of incompetent, tone-deaf, narcissists, with footage of an actual administrations full of incompetent, tone-deaf, narcissists.”

He then goes a step further, admonishing the Press Secretary for his lack of knowledge regarding the Holocaust:

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Educate yourself on The Holocaust, such as the mass murder of millions using methods including the chemical weapon Zyklon B in gas chambers in concentration camps using these resources:

In her tweet, Dreyfus says, “This feels like an Emmy-winning episode to me.” If only this were just a television show.

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