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A Republican Lawmaker Just Gave An Even Worse Defense of Hitler Than Spicer

A Republican Lawmaker Just Gave An Even Worse Defense of Hitler Than Spicer

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Since Sean Spicer’s comments yesterday denying that Adolf Hitler gassed his own people, Republicans have been saying some strange things about the Nazis. This one, however, takes things to a whole new level — comparing Hitler to President Abraham Lincoln.

North Carolina State Representative Larry Pittman (R-NC) recently gave a Facebook update on new developments for followers. Some of his constituents took exception to his recent cosponsoring of a bill that would defy the Supreme Court’s decision guaranteeing marriage equality for LGBT Americans.

When constituents suggested that he simply accept settled law, Pittman struck back in a very strange way:

This type of behavior might be expected from the extreme of President Donald Trump’s base, but it is frightening coming from an elected official. Comparing Hitler’s genocide to Lincoln’s war to abolish slavery and reunite our nation is a transparently egregious and insulting assertion, to say the least.

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However, this is not some random guy posting nonsense on Facebook. He is a State Representtive with a hand in crafting and implementing laws, and his ethical ineptitude can have disastrous consequences for the people he serves.

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Clearly, grave errors have been made in recent elections. Thankfully, the Constitution, which Pittman fails to grasp, guarantees us the right to fire him and his allies in upcoming elections.

They can’t come soon enough.

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