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Lawyer Of Doctor Dragged Off United Flight Just Made A Disturbing Announcement

Lawyer Of Doctor Dragged Off United Flight Just Made A Disturbing Announcement

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The firestorm of public outrage directed at United Airlines for their appalling decision to forcibly remove a paid passenger from a flight is about to get much worse.

The lawyer for Dr. David Dao, who was brutally dragged off of UA Flight 3411 in a viral video, has sustained a shocking number of injuries from the assault by Chicago airport security at the behest of the airline.

It was only after United Airlines stock lost $1.4 billion in value and a second video emerged showing Dr. Dao bleeding profusely from his face that the CEO issued a real apology and tried to make amends by refunding the tickets of all the passengers on the flight.

But it’s far little too late, especially since the CEO’s first response to the incident refused to take responsibility and characterized the incident as a “re-accommodation,” which prompted a fresh wave of derision and outrage from social media. The discovery that the flight was not even overbooked – as the corporate version of the story originally said – just added more fuel to the fire.

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The response from Joe Thomas, ten-time Pro Bowler and offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns, was a much more accurate description of what actually transpired on that flight.

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The arrogance exhibited by United has come to symbolize the inappropriate disdain with which many corporations treat their customers. It hasn’t helped that with this incident, many others are stepping forward to tell their own horror stories suffered at the hands of United employees.

Hopefully, this incident will prove to be a reckoning for companies that mistreat their customers and take their business for granted.

Here is the original video of the incident:

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