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Police Just Dragged Peaceful Protesters Out Of Trump Tower

Police Just Dragged Peaceful Protesters Out Of Trump Tower

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A disturbing scene played out today at Trump Tower in New York, where at least 50 members of the RiseAndResistNY protest group temporarily occupied the foyer of Trump’s home before being forcibly removed by the police.

The protesters were demonstrating for the rights of immigrants and decrying both Trump’s un-American immigration crackdown and for his delusional plan to build a giant wall across the southern border with Mexico. They hung up banners that read “No bans,” “No wall,” “No raids,” and chanted the same.

On cue, a veritable army of cops showed up to remove the protestors, some of whom were forcibly dragged out before being arrested.

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We applaud the protestors for their bravery and sincerely hope that the NYPD doesn’t mistreat them. We as a people must continue to resist and to protest President Trump’s racist agenda at every turn.

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