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Spicer Just Ran Out Of A Press Briefing Over A Question About Today’s Bombing

Spicer Just Ran Out Of A Press Briefing Over A Question About Today’s Bombing

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While U.S. Command today dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb at our disposal – the “Mother of All Bombs” – questions are arising as to who exactly ordered the strike.

When pressed at the White House Daily Briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused to answer even the simplest questions regarding Trump’s involvement in the strike.

ABC News’ Cecilia Vega asked Spicer if Trump was in the Situation Room when the order was given, prompting Spicer’s referral to General Nicholson of the United States Air Forces in Afghanistan. When she followed up, asking if Trump was even consulted on the strike, Spicer again punted.

Rattled, Spicer ended the press briefing after only 16 minutes, as they “literally [had] 10 minutes before the President is going to speak.”

Forty minutes went by before Trump finally showed up at a photo op with Atlanta first responders. When confronted by a barrage of questions by reporters about who authorized the bombing, Trump only said, “What I do is I authorize my military.”

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Trump’s elusiveness gives reason to believe that he either did not authorize the strike or was not present in the Situation Room when the order was executed. In previous instances, the White House was quick to circulate images of the President carrying out military actions. For Trump to avoid the circulation of any self-congratulating images is, frankly, out of character.

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Trump took heat after being absent during a major military operation in Yemen in which a U.S. Commando was killed. He was reportedly tweeting about a relatively trivial interview during the operation. The tweet was later deleted from his account.

If Trump spent a fraction of the time that he spent on Twitter actually paying attention to the Americans whose lives are on the line for their country, perhaps we would not be mourning a dead U.S. Commando or be on the brink of war with multiple countries.

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