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The Army Just Made A Startling Revelation About Yesterday’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’

The Army Just Made A Startling Revelation About Yesterday’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’

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The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Army General John Nicholson, did not consult with America’s Commander-in-Chief because he saw no reason to.

Yesterday, Sean Spicer ran from the White House briefing room to avoid questions about whether or not President Trump even knew about America attacking Afghanistan with the largest bomb used since World War II — the MOAB. Today, we know that the Army did not consult the President before making the decision.

“From [General Nicholson’s] perspective, it was just another bomb,” a senior defense official told The Washington Examiner.

“He didn’t ask permission. He didn’t have to,” the official went on to say. “He had been looking at this target for months and decided it was time to mix things up.”

Our country’s founders were careful to enshrine civilian control of the military in the United States Constitution. In the greatest single strike in 73 years, we now know that no civilian was consulted, much less in command, on the decision. This is a flagrant disregard for the Constitution and an unprecedented abdication of the President’s responsibilities therein.

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Trump’s opposition may be relieved to know that he has removed himself from military discussions, but when a bomb with the MOAB’s destructive might is used because “it was time to mix things up,” we see the wisdom in the founders’ insistence. The President of the United States was envisioned as an individual who could balance the many interests of our country rather than someone who is trained to see primarily military objectives.

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Unfortunately, this President has shown little concern for these and many of our country’s other interests. No one in their right mind is under the illusion that Donald Trump’s presence in the Situation Room would add wisdom to the decision making process. But his absence has created a vacuum that our country has striven to avoid since its founding, and we are only beginning to see its grave consequences.

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