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CNN Just Hid In Bushes To Take A Photo Of Trump He Doesn’t Want You To See

CNN Just Hid In Bushes To Take A Photo Of Trump He Doesn’t Want You To See

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Our lazy, do-nothing President Trump left Washington yesterday for yet another vacation trip to his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. Out of his 84 days as President, he’s spent 23 days – nearly a quarter – enjoying the sunshine and relaxing away from the pressures of the Presidency.

This will be his second four-day weekend in a row. 

Trump likes to pretend he’s working while he’s at Mar-a-Lago, but that’s clearly not the case this weekend. It’s not even the end of business on Friday and Trump has been already spotted on the golf course.

CNN photographer Jay McMichael did a little snooping around and caught this image of our Commander-in-Chief:

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It’s clear that Trump isn’t planning to do ANY work at all this weekend since he left his whole team behind in Washington.

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84 days into his presidency, Donald Trump has no major legislative accomplishments. He was forced to kill his own “Trumpcare” repeal and replace bill. His racist and discriminatory Islamophobic travel bans have died in court.

All he’s actually succeeded in doing is spend $20 million in taxpayer dollars to go golfing. But still, we hear nothing from silence from Republican who howled with rage every time President Obama took a day off. Trump pretends to stand for the American worker, but his actions show that he’s nothing but a spoiled brat who has the nerve to provoke a rogue regime with nuclear weapons on Thursday and leave his staff to deal with the consequences on Friday.



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