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Democrats Just Made History In Illinois Elections

Democrats Just Made History In Illinois Elections

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While the defeat of Democrat James Thompson in the recent special election for Kansas’ 4th district was a shame, the closeness of the race and the fact that President Trump had to get involved means that Republicans are very, very worried about the damage that the incompetent and toxic Trump has done to their party brand.

The backlash is coming for traitor Trump and the Republicans who just callously tried to strip 24 million people of their health insurance, clear and simple. That much is obvious by the historic victories that the Democratic Party just won in Illinois at the local level, picking up seats in places they have never won before.

The Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery describes how grassroots activism is exploding across the country in response to President Trump and his appalling agenda, shaking up the political landscape and putting previously ironclad Republican strongholds in play:

The city of Kankakee elected its first African-American, Democratic mayor. West Deerfield Township will be led entirely by Democrats for the first time. Elgin Township voted for “a complete changeover,” flipping to an all-Democratic board. Normal Township elected Democratic supervisors and trustees to run its board ― the first time in more than 100 years that a single Democrat has held a seat.

“We had a pretty good day,” said Dan Kovats, executive director of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association. “We won in areas we normally would win, but we also won in areas Republicans never expected us to be competitive in. They were caught flat-footed.”

The Democratic National Committee has been recently criticized for conceding defeat to Republican gerrymandering efforts and failing to even field candidates in certain districts. In 2016, 29 Republican districts went entirely uncontested by the Democratic Party – but with the changing political landscape, Republicans may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

The next big test will be the special election for the Georgia House seat vacated by Tom Price, who became President Trump’s Health & Human Services Secretary. In that race, Democrat Jon Ossoff is raising eyebrows around the nation by reeling in a staggering $8.3 million in small donations and commanding a lead with 43% of the vote so far. If Ossoff succeeds in flipping Georgia’s 6th district, the implications for the rest of the House are monumental.

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The sweet taste of victory is already turning to ash in the mouths of Republicans. Done in by their own arrogance, they thought they could openly abandon their duty to their constituents, aid and abet treason in the nation’s highest office, and dedicate themselves to serving their true masters on Wall Street – but they’re about to find out the hard way that a reckoning is coming for them.

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h/t to Jennifer Bendery @ Huffington Post

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