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Samuel L. Jackson Just Released An Anti-Trump Pulp Fiction Ad

Samuel L. Jackson Just Released An Anti-Trump Pulp Fiction Ad

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World-famous actor and civil rights activist Samuel L. Jackson has thrown his support behind the surging Democratic candidate running for Georgia’s Sixth District, Jon Ossoff.

Ossoff’s campaign shocked the nation when he reeled in a cool $8.3 million in small donor fund-raising and commanded a serious 43% of the vote in the latest polls, far outpacing any of the four Republicans he is competing against.

Now Jackson has joined the Democratic Party in calling for votes to resist Trump and his white supremacist agenda.

“Your vote goes a long way towards setting things right in this country. Vote for the Democratic Party. Stop Donald Trump, the man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism. Remember what happened the last time people stayed home: we got stuck with Trump” says Jackson in a new radio spot.

Channeling his infamous Jules Winnfield portrayal from the cult classic film Pulp Fiction, Jackson demands that voters “channel the great vengeance and furious anger” they feel at Trump and resist his agenda by voting in the upcoming election on April 18th.

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If Ossoff can flip the Sixth, it will send a shockwave throughout the American political establishment and create some serious Democratic momentum that we’ll need to maintain to sweep Republicans out of power in 2018.

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Listen to it here. Jackson’s part begins at :11 seconds.

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