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Schwarzenegger Just Launched An Anti-Trump Project That Can Change Everything

Schwarzenegger Just Launched An Anti-Trump Project That Can Change Everything

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As the arrogance and extremism of the Republican Party grew it alienated more and more potential voters, forcing the GOP to sell their souls to the wealthy and discard their integrity in favor of the pernicious swindle of the gerrymander to keep their party politically viable.

Gerrymandered districts have helped Republicans keep a stranglehold on our Congress, preventing the Houses from doing their constitutional duty and maintaining oversight over tyrant Trump and his coven of neocons and white supremacists.

These days, it’s harder to find a Republican who disagrees with the undemocratic level of gerrymandering than it is to find a fairly drawn voting district. But the former Republican Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has emerged as one of the few conservatives left who are willing to put country over party and put the principles of democracy ahead of partisan politics.

Schwarzenegger has just announced that he will be matching donations in the fight against gerrymandering in order to make “Washington work for us.” He will be throwing his efforts behind the non-partisan organization and fundraising corporation, CrowdPAC.

In a statement, the prominent Trump critic wrote that “it is now time to take independent redistricting reform nationwide. It’s complicated, but we are here to show you that it is not impossible. It’s a three-pronged attack — we will fight gerrymandering with grassroots initiatives, we will fight it by lobbying in state capitols and we will fight it in the courts. Together, we will win.”

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Thanks to gerrymandering, Republicans have insulated themselves from the general population by packing Democrat voters into a few districts and winning all the rest, making pandering to a small base of hardliners and fending off primary challengers their biggest priorities – not representing the needs of the American people as a whole.

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By ending gerrymandering and replacing the sellvote Republicans in Congress with a fresh wave of young politicians who will hold Trump accountable and uphold the values of the Constitution, we can truly throw a wrench into Donald Trump’s heinous efforts to dismantle our democracy as we know it.

We applaud Mr. Schwarzenegger’s noble declaration and heartily wish that more Republicans were willing to put their politics aside and do what’s right for their country and heal the democracy which they swore an oath to defend.

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