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Eric Trump Was Just Asked What Hurts His Dad The Most. His Answer Is Delusional

Eric Trump Was Just Asked What Hurts His Dad The Most. His Answer Is Delusional

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The Irish Independent news outlet recently sat down for an interview puff piece with Eric Trump, who proceeded to paint an astonishing portrait of delusion and self-importance.

He inevitably began by attacking the Trump family’s favorite punching bag, the “fake news media,” by complaining about “how dishonest and disconnected the media were from the American population. I also realized how mean the process is. It’s something that is not spoken about enough. Politics is a mean game. I always said real estate is the most cut-throat industry in the world – but it is nothing compared to some of these politicians.”

Entirely ignoring the fact that his father is a professional bully who told the women that he molested that they were lying because they weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault, Eric Trump then went on to discuss what part of the “meanness” hurts his notoriously thin-skinned father the most:

“The falsehoods. He is the one person who did not need this job. He is a man who has achieved every aspect of success – wealth, family – in fact so many people often come up to me and talk about him and the concept of the American dream. He is the epitome of the American dream.”

For Eric Trump to complain about falsehoods in a sentence of outrageous lies is just the kind of outrageously shameless hypocrisy we have come to expect from the Trump family.

We’re sure that when James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream in 1931 as the hope that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement,” he was not thinking of a spoiled brat who was born into wealth and spent his entire business career stealing, exploiting, scamming, and otherwise abusing before colluding with a hostile foreign power to steal the presidency.

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For the younger Trump to complain that all the “lies” about his father (which are true) hurt Donald the most while himself expressing outrageous falsehoods on a daily basis is the height of hypocrisy. The Washington Post has tracked nearly 400 different lies that the President has told in his 88 days in office.

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But he still has the nerve to complain about the news media for doing their jobs and pointing out that Trump’s first big legislative effort was an abysmal failure; that all the “job creation” he’s celebrated is a product of the Obama presidency; that Trump’s foreign policy actions have accomplished nothing but put our nation at risk.

These things are the truth, but it apparently “hurts” Trump to be forced to face the fact that he’s been an abject failure thus far.

There are many words associated with Donald Trump. Most of them are along the lines of “sexual predator,” “thief,” “narcissist,” “Philistine,” “racist,” and “petty.” Far from being the “epitome” of the American Dream, Trump is a symbol of everything that is wrong with America and American society.

CNN’s Paul Begala once said of the Trump administration that “the hypocrisy is just too spectacular. Irony has not only died – irony first drank a gallon of antifreeze, climbed to the top of the Washington monument and threw herself off. There is no more irony in America.”

Every public Trump pronouncement makes that all too painfully clear.

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