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The Numbers/Photos Comparing Trump & Obama’s Easter Egg Roll Are In…

The Numbers/Photos Comparing Trump & Obama’s Easter Egg Roll Are In…

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The official photos of the White House Easter Egg Roll are out, and they are sure to be a source of consternation for our ratings-obsessed President.

Trump’s first notable action as President of the United States was to dispute official Reuters photographs which showed that his inauguration attendance was much, much less than President Obama’s. He then proceeded to claim that the “fake news” media was doctoring the photographs and raised the issue over and over again, refusing to let it go.

Trump’s obsession with ratings, crowd sizes, and popularity in polls is very well documented at this point.

So it is now an official political necessity to compare the crowd sizes of President Trump and President Obama’s last Easter Egg Rolls at the White House – and Trump is going to be furious at the results.

This morning:

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President Obama’s last Easter, 2016:

The Washington Post reports that 21,000 people showed up for Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll, while 35,000 showed up for President Obama’s last Roll the year before.

And of course, the level of participation by both Presidents tells you all you need to know about what kind of men they are.

Here is President Trump, signing a tremendous hat:

And here is President Obama, helping a child roll his egg:

The difference could not be more obvious. President Obama’s gracious leadership and genuine love for the children of America was a beautiful thing to behold, and to see that replaced with a deranged narcissist who throws children’s hats away and makes it all about himself and his autographs is painful.

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