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Guess Why Trump’s White House Easter Egg Roll Was Mostly White Kids

Guess Why Trump’s White House Easter Egg Roll Was Mostly White Kids

Yesterday, the White House’s held the annual Easter Egg Roll and while Trump’s gaffes inevitably took the spotlight away from the focus of the event – the children – and placed it back on our attention-obsessed narcissist-in-chief, it wasn’t long before it was noticed that an important tradition had been abandoned.

After the event had concluded, shrewd observers noticed something very disturbing but was perhaps to be expected from the #AmericaFirst White Supremacy House.

The attendees were almost overwhelmingly white children. The reason? Donald and Melania chose not to invite the local DC public school children that traditionally are invited to the White House Easter Roll.

In an interview with The New York Daily News, Assistant Superintendent for the D.C. Arlington Public School District Linda Erdos said that:

“We never received any information for an invitation or anything this year, which we had in previous years. We realized about a week ago that nothing had come through this year, and we just assumed that it was a different administration doing things differently this year.”

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Washington Union Charter School Principal Maquita Alexander had a similar story to tell, saying that her school nor the other charter schools in DC had received any invitations. “I haven’t heard of anybody going this year, we certainly haven’t gotten an invitation at this school.”

While Press Secretary Sean Spicer promised that tickets had been distributed to “schools, children’s’ hospitals and military and law enforcement families,” it’s clear from the photographs that the invitations were not sent to local DC schools, who have a predominantly black student population.

Coming from an administration that openly fraternizes with white supremacists and has spent a significant amount of energy attempting to pass discriminatory travel bans against Muslims and deporting Hispanics, it’s no surprise that the Trump White House decided to exclude the local black children from the Easter Egg Roll – but that makes it all the more important that we shame them for it.

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