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The Hill Just Revealed What Hillary Told Obama After Losing To Trump

The Hill Just Revealed What Hillary Told Obama After Losing To Trump

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We all painfully remember where we were and what we said and did as the staggering news rolled in on November 8th, 2016. The feelings of shock and pain and betrayal and horror still stick with us now, months after the fact.

It’s impossible for us to comprehend what Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton must have been going through when the news finally came in. But we can get a little glimpse behind the curtain thanks to a new book written by The Hill‘s Amie Parnes and Sidewire‘s Jonathan Allen, titled “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

Advance copies of the book reveal that President Obama called Hillary Clinton as soon as he heard that Clinton had conceded.

During that moment, as she picked up the phone, “she realized she had let down the president, herself, her party and the country” writes Rebecca Savransky at the Hill

Clinton had just this to say: “Mr. President. I’m sorry.”

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There’s no point in rehashing over and over again who is to blame for Clinton’s lost election, or what she should have done differently.

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But it just goes to show how false the toxic persona that Republicans invented for Clinton, of an aloof and cut-throat narcissist who would stop at nothing to gain power truly was.

In her moment of ultimate defeat, in the hour after seeing three years’ worth of work crumble to dust before her eyes, she only felt sorrow for the American people, terrified to even imagine what President Trump might do to this beautiful nation and the millions of people who worked so hard to keep him away from Washington.

She shouldered the responsibility for Trump’s crimes, past and future, and took the blame for them. In those moments of ultimate despair that leadership is truly revealed, and the revelations from this new book just hammer home what a terrible mistake our nation made.

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