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Trump Just Blamed Obama For Something That Occurred On Bush’s Watch

Trump Just Blamed Obama For Something That Occurred On Bush’s Watch

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President Trump has once again proven to the American people that not only is he ignorant of well-documented facts, but also that he is willing to use any issue to try and smear his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

At five in the morning, Trump tweeted out that President Obama had “allowed” chapters of the Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, to form across the United States.

MS-13 originated in the 1980s, created by El Salvadoran immigrants and rebels who were fleeing the persecution and violence carried out by the death squads of the US-backed military junta. The gang was founded in Los Angeles to protect Salvadoran immigrants from the predatory ambitions of the established ethnic-based gangs. It then expanded into usual criminal activities while gaining a reputation for ruthless violence.

By 2008, MS-13 had spread to some 42 different states. President Obama took office in 2009, meaning that the majority of the gang’s proliferation had occurred under Republican President George W. Bush.

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But as usual, the truth has no bearing on President Donald Trump’s unprompted tweetstorms. Trump is desperately trying to push his apocalyptic vision of an America under attack at every turn by criminal immigrants and devious Muslim terrorists, threats so pernicious and widespread that they somehow justify his discriminatory white supremacist agenda.

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