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The Daily Show Just Bid Farewell To Pervert Bill O’Reilly In The Best Way

The Daily Show Just Bid Farewell To Pervert Bill O’Reilly In The Best Way

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Trevor Noah opened tonight’s Daily Show segment with a perfect bait and switch, pointing to the other news everyone’s talking about is the pregnancy of Serena William. Then, he segued with a huge smile.

“And you know what they say. For every amazing black baby that comes into the the world, one old white man has to leave.” (Video below.)

The Comedy Central host was just getting started. “You may not know this,” Noah continued, “but Bill O’Reilly was the biggest figure in the history of cable news. At one point, no one else even came close… Because they were afraid he would sexually harass them.”

In classic Daily Show fashion, they clearly did their homework, replaying tantrums that O’Reilly had thrown in his early days at Inside Edition. It heats up even more with all the most ridiculous low lights of his Fox News days, putting the sexism, racism, and egomaniacal bullying on display for all to see.

Truly, the canning of Bill O’Reilly is an event to be celebrated, and below, Trevor Noah kicks off the festivities in spectacular fashion. Enjoy.

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