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Utah Democrats Just Responded To Chaffetz’s Announcement In A Hilarious Way

Utah Democrats Just Responded To Chaffetz’s Announcement In A Hilarious Way

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Most Americans are thrilled about today’s unexpected announcement from House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), that he plans to leave Congress after next year’s mid-term election.

Nobody’s happier than Utah Democrats, who decided to have a “Boy Bye” Goodbye Chaffetz Dance Party/Celebration right in front of the Republican’s offices in the city of Provo.

Organizer Kate Kelly – a Utah lawyer and Democrat – says that Bye Boy dancers are  just “following in the great tradition of defiant dance parties.”

Her clever invite flyer is more dirty dancing than Pence protesting, and of course, she posted the event to Facebook publicly, and now it’s going viral.

But it’s Kelly’s choice of locations that is making Utah Dems chuckle.

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The party starts at 7 pm Mountain Time, which is in just about an hour, so Utah Democrats who want to dance still have time left to make it to Provo.

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Just take a look:

Ever since Rep. Jason Chaffetz released FBI Director James Comey’s letter in late October about the Clinton email investigation and lied, saying that the investigation was re-opened, he has had a bull’s eye on his back by Democrats, #TheResistance and Indivisible movements, which made this day inevitable – though sweeter for having arrived sooner than later.

Rep. Chaffetz has been one of the Republicans fiercest partisans in the House and was the lead inquisitor in the Benghazi witch hunts.

Just eighteen short months ago, Chaffetz’s star was rising so rapidly, that he unexpectedly ran for Republican Speaker of the House.


The Atlantic magazine says Chaffetz didn’t tell anyone in the Utah GOP establishment about fleeing Congress early, and tonight his partisan allies are in shock over his precipitous fall from the pinnacle of political power. However, as the Chair of the Government Oversight committee,

However, as the Chair of the Government Oversight committee, the Atlantic called him the biggest loser when Donald Trump won last year’s election, because it then became his duty to oversee the most corrupt President in American history, a Republican like himself.

Kudos to those Utah Dems brave enough to speak truth to power, or tonight who will dance, dance, dance the night away in power, to celebrate the departure of one of America’s highest-placed and most cravenly evil Republican shills.

Have fun Kate!

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