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Jeff Sessions Just Insulted Hawaiians. Ted Lieu’s Response Is Perfect

Jeff Sessions Just Insulted Hawaiians. Ted Lieu’s Response Is Perfect

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Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has taken his Twitter game to a new level since President Trump took office, always at the ready to call him out for his egregious hypocrisy. Now, the former U.S. Air Force Colonel has turned his attention to one of America’s most notorious racists, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and he is pulling no punches.

Sessions made headlines earlier today after he dismissed a Hawaiian court’s ruling that Trump’s Muslim ban was unconstitutional with the justification that the decision came from “a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President.”

That didn’t sit well with most people who respect the Constitution or recognize that Hawaii is no less a state than Alabama, where Sessions is from. All day, the media has been buzzing with criticism of how America’s top law enforcement official seems to either not understand or not respect U.S. law.

Once again, Representative Lieu has summed things up perfectly and in fewer than 140 characters:

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Some may dismiss this as a joke, but Lieu makes a very strong point. By his recent actions and statements, the Attorney General would do well to give the Constitution a read. He might even like it.

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