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Officials Just Made A Disturbing Ivanka Trump Nepotism Announcement

Officials Just Made A Disturbing Ivanka Trump Nepotism Announcement

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It now appears that in lieu of staffing the State Department, President Trump is going to put all United States diplomacy in the hands of his unqualified children.

Bloomberg just announced that Ivanka Trump will be heading to Germany to inevitably share empty words of false empowerment at the Women’s G20 summit as she prepares to represent the United States for the first time on the international stage, a job she is unqualified to do seeing as she is neither a diplomat nor an actual feminist.

But of course, as she does whenever she appears in public, she is also representing the IVANKA brand, her personal line of women’s products like shoes – the designs for which were plagiarized from real designers – and other Chinese-made faux-luxury clothing items that Ivanka personally profits from.

Ethics complaints were promptly filed after it was revealed that the Chinese government had coincidentally approved three Ivanka Trump trademarks to sell her products in the world’s second largest economy the day she dined with President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago.

She has not divested herself from her businesses even though she is now a federal employee with a West Wing office, as her father has also failed to do.

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President Trump was heavily criticized for sending his son-in-law Jared Kushner to meet with the Iraqi government, considering that the spoiled scion has no diplomatic experience nor intimate knowledge of the region and the incredibly complex ethnic and religious tensions that keep stability perpetually out of reach for the beleaguered nations of the Middle East.

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President Trump still has to fill nearly 2,000 vacant positions across the government, and appears to have no intention of doing so.

Instead, he will concentrate power in a small inner circle of trusted advisers and family members like any petty strongarm dictator would, eliminating all that pesky oversight. This little jaunt to Europe by Ivanka is just the beginning.

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