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This South Korean Newscast Just Humiliated Trump For His Ignorance About Korea

This South Korean Newscast Just Humiliated Trump For His Ignorance About Korea

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This morning, an English-language South Korean newscast criticized President Donald Trump for his complete ignorance about Korean history. This is especially concerning as the Trump Administration is currently scrambling to cope with an escalation of tensions with North Korea.

The Arirang News coverage began with the unequivocal denunciation of Trump’s claims that the Korean Peninsula used to be part of China:

“U.S. Pres. Donald Trump is coming under fire in South Korea for some ignorant remarks he made about Korea’s being part of China, which, in fact, it never was.

The news agency continued to cite a comment made a South Korean government official that Trump’s comment “is not true and not even worthy of a response.”

The United States and South Korea have been close allies since the Korean War, with close to 30,000 American troops currently stationed in South Korea to defend the country against reckless military threats from the rogue North Korean state.

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In recent decades, North Korea has been relentlessly working to develop nuclear weapons. It now has the capacity to nuke South Korea, and possibly even to send a nuclear warhead to the west coast of the United States.

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is stepping up his threats of nuclear war, even going so far as to caution the he is prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike. It falls to the Trump Administration to mitigate the threat of imminent nuclear war.

This context makes Trump’s ignorance about the Korean Peninsula not just embarrassing, but potentially lethal. How can a leader who does not understand the basic history of a region conduct the most delicate diplomacy in the world?

North Korea poses a serious nuclear threat to America and its allies. We are closer to the brink of nuclear war than we have been since the Cold War. Trump’s ignorance is endangering us all.

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