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Trump Just Attacked The NY Times Over Super Bowl Visit Crowd Size

Trump Just Attacked The NY Times Over Super Bowl Visit Crowd Size

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President Donald Trump, he of the tiny hands, has once again decided to use his position and the platforms afforded to him by his office to attack one of the world’s most respected newspaper publications because they pointed out that not very many members of his favorite football team decided not to visit him at the White House.

The hypersensitive Trump, who is so desperately insecure that he hungrily relies on numerical qualifiers – ratings, crowd sizes, etc – to prop up his wildly overblown sense of self-importance, took to Twitter this morning to slam the New York Times over yesterday’s visit by the Super Bowl champions to the White House:

We believe this side-by-side comparison which shows how many Patriots visited the White House after their Super Bowl XLIX victory in 2015, when President Obama was in office, compared with their Super Bowl 51 victory, when Trump had taken office, raised Trump’s ire.

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Only 34 members of the New England Patriots attended the White House ceremony with President Trump – less than half the team. Superstar quarterback and close Trump friend Tom Brady designed not to attend for “personal reasons.” Many more players, however, openly said they disagreed with Trump’s barely concealed racism, or were horrified at his misogynistic boasts of causal sexual assault,  and didn’t feel welcome in the White House.

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It appears the issue is that the entire Patriots delegation isn’t in the Trump photograph – not the players, but the coaches and assistant coaches and other myriad staffers that animate an NFL team.

Even the Patriots organization, which is owned by Trump donor and macaroni kingpin Robert Kraft, tried to prop up the President.

While the photos may be out of context, there’s no denying the fact that nearly 50 Patriots attended the Super Bowl ceremony when President Obama was in office – as did the 48 Denver Broncos who attended the year after. Trump may be mad his pictures look small, but he’s really just lashing out because he’s unpopular even with football players, consistently denied the celebrity adulation that he desires so selfishly.

Doesn’t he have anything better to worry about?


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