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Voters Were Just Asked To Grade Trump On Draining The Swamp. Their Grade Is Devastating

Voters Were Just Asked To Grade Trump On Draining The Swamp. Their Grade Is Devastating

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A poll by Politico and Morning Consult asked 1,992 voters to grade President Trump’s performance in his first 12 weeks in a variety of issues and, if this were an actual report card, you can be sure he would have to repeat the grade.

On his beloved issue of draining the swamp, a large plurality of respondents gave Trump an F with “Don’t Know / No Opinion” being the only close contender. In fact, more people gave Trump an than and combined (just 23%).

While this comes as no surprise for those who have been paying attention to Trump’s performance, it is comforting to know how many people are truly taking note of the Con Man-in-Chief’s about-face on ethics.

That is not the only area where voters have been paying attention and experiencing buyers remorse. Respondents also failed the President, or thought he had failed them on his job for the first 100 days, foreign relations, healthcare, the national debt, jobs, climate change, and immigration.

One possible silver lining for Trump is on the question of whether, over time, he would get better, worse, or stay the same. Of all respondents, 44% said they believed the President would get better in time.

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One can only hope. Based on this first report card, it’s clear that voters don’t think he can get much worse.

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