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The Daily Show Just Smoked Trump With A Genius Theory: Is He High?

The Daily Show Just Smoked Trump With A Genius Theory: Is He High?

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It’s 4/20, the unofficial annual celebration of cannabis, and Trevor Noah celebrates in the best way possible, by sharing his brilliant theory that “President Donald Trump is always high.” (Video below.)

Noah opened the Daily Show Segment with a litany of nicknames for weed, including, “sour nipple, toasty pretzel, Jared Kush-ner,” before mocking local tv media for their pathetic pot puns, from marking the “high holy day” to calling it “National High… Five Day.”

Then, things got wonderfully political as Noah elucidated the tangible benefits of marijuana and skewering Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his nonsensical vilification of the plant. “All right, Jeff Sessions. Think of the upside, man. More people smoke marijuana, more people buy your cookies,” Noah said, flashing an image of Sessions as a Keebler Elf.

Lastly, Noah turned to the main entrée, Trump. “I have a theory that President Donald Trump is always high,” he said. “Now did I come up with this theory while I was high? Maybe. But it still made sense after I was high, unlike my idea for reusable toilet paper.”

As evidence, Noah pointed out that Trump “forgets people’s names, he mixes up Iraq and Syria, and what do high people always do? They forget where they put things. And last week, Donald Trump didn’t just lose his keys, he lost the Navy!”

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Noah mocked Trump for threatening North Korea with an armada, then sending it the wrong way, and launched into classic clips of Trump hugging flags and hanging out with the Easter Bunny.

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For the finale, Noah proved his theory with the “original” footage of Trump’s notorious chocolate cake description and showed the “real” reason he had the munchies.



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