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Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Defended Bill O’Reilly And It Backfired Immediately

Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Defended Bill O’Reilly And It Backfired Immediately

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If there’s one thing Republicans are exceptionally proficient at, it’s jamming their feet squarely in their mouths in their ham-fisted attempts to defend sexual predators.

Michael Reagan, the son of conservative patron saint Ronald Reagan, took to Twitter this morning in an extremely ill-advised and unbelievably tone-deaf attempt to defend serial sexual predator Bill O’Reilly following FOX’s decision to fire the disgraced propagandist.

Reagan was referring to Bill O’Reilly’s fondness for calling FOX temp worker Perquita Burgess “hot chocolate” as part of his casual sexual harassment campaign against her, which also involved a great deal of “grunting and leering.”

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Reagan’s remarks, unsurprisingly, entirely miss the point of the public’s righteous outrage at O’Reilly and the fact that the FOX News Corporation would rather shell out $13 million to silence O’Reilly’s multitude of accusers.

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Women deserve the right to go to work and do their jobs without being the target of sexual remarks and the lecherous objectification of their bodies by racist and sexist men.

But so-called “family values” and “personal responsibility” conservatives still go out of their way to try to defend their inability to control themselves and subject women to this kind of inappropriate and traumatizing behavior.

The Twitterverse was not amused by Reagan’s remarks and promptly dragged him for it:

Hopefully this will teach Mr. Reagan a thing or two about consent and self-control.

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