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Trump Just Threw A 100 Days Tantrum After Failing To Fulfill His Campaign Promises

Trump Just Threw A 100 Days Tantrum After Failing To Fulfill His Campaign Promises

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This morning, a petulant Donald Trump tweeted that measuring what a president accomplishes in their first 100 days is a “ridiculous standard.” He also said that no matter how much he accomplishes, the media will criticize him for not having done enough.

Is Trump really being treated unfairly and held to an arbitrary standard? The answer is a resounding No. The situation might be different if Trump himself had not made twelve promises about his first 100 days, which he has mostly failed to make good on. In fact, Trump himself literally signed a “contract” with the American people promising to accomplish all these goals in 100 days!

With only eight days to go until the 100 days are up, Trump is massively failing.

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Presumably the acronym “S.C.” refers to the Supreme Court, which Trump successfully appointed Neil Gorsuch to.

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We count that Trump has fulfilled two out of twelve promises for his first 100 days. (His two ‘successes’ are bolded so you can spot them in the sea of failure and losing.) No wonder he is scrambling to act like he never subscribed to idea of the 100-day benchmark.

  1. Trump promised to appoint judges who will “uphold the Constitution” and “defend the Second Amendment.” He has only appointed three judges despite having a number of vacancies to fill. Trump is mostly failing on this pledge.
  2. Trump promised to start construction on his infamous wall along the Mexican border. Although preparations for land seizures are underway, Congress has yet to grant Trump the money to spend on the wall and it is far from clear that it will. This is another failure to uphold a promise.
  3. Trump promised to reassess trade agreements. This is a vague promise, but he hasn’t done anything besides pull America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). With numerous other trade agreements still standing and apparently unscrutinized, we say Trump has failed to make good on his pledge.
  4. Trump promised to repeal Obamacare. His attempt resulted in a resounding defeat.
  5. Trump promised to roll back federal energy regulations, which he has been doing. He has kept this pledge.
  6. Trump promised to advocate for a Constitutional amendment instating term limits on members of Congress. He hasn’t done anything to push this idea, so he is clearly failing to keep this pledge.
  7. Trump promised to eliminate gun-free zones. This hasn’t happened.
  8. Trump promised to ensure that for every new federal regulation, at least two existing regulations will be scrapped. He did sign an executive order instating this rule.
  9. Trump promised to develop a cybersecurity plan within 90 days. He hasn’t.
  10. Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator. He has failed to uphold his promise.
  11. Trump promised to pursue unfair Chinese trade practices at the World Trade Organization (WTO). He hasn’t done this.
  12. Trump promised to levy a crushing 45% tariff on imported goods from China. He has failed to do so.

Trump’s desperation is becoming increasingly apparent as he continues to crush his supporters hopes. With just over a week to go, it is highly unlikely that Trump will suddenly begin fulfilling promises, especially when he has already been thwarted by Congress and has failed to breathe a word about several pledges since taking office.

It looks like Trump’s commitments were just campaign bluster. Then again, we’ve always known that Trump is a conman who doesn’t keep his word. We won’t let him get away with dismissing the concept of the first 100 days when he himself assigned ‘tremendous’ importance to it.

Trump, you failed.

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