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Bill Maher Just Gave The Best Summary Of Trump’s Awful Week

Bill Maher Just Gave The Best Summary Of Trump’s Awful Week

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Bill Maher could not help opening his monologue by joking about 4/20, or as he calls it, Christmas. From there, he hilariously hit every political lowlight of the week. (Video below.)

To be honest, Maher does not have a great Trump impression, but his rendition of the President talking gibberish in the guise of understanding healthcare was spot on and a beautiful segue from weed to President Trump.

“I don’t want to say their head is up their ass,” Maher deadpanned, ” but they misplaced an aircraft carrier this week… Who knew maps were so complicated?”

He continued on with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ absurd comments about Hawaii, reading the verbatim words very slowly, then asking, “yeah, what do you think they are? A state?!”

It gets better from there, with Trump having done most of Maher’s job for him, as the monologue weaves through North Korea to the “axis of rednecks,” and finally, Bill O’Reilly.

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Maher described just a few of O’Reilly’s disgusting comments, including calling an African American woman he worked with “hot chocolate.”

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“I know, shocking,” Maher said. “FOX News hired a black woman???”

“There was universal condemnation,” he continued after the laughter died down. “Sean Spicer, today, said, ‘Come on, even Hitler didn’t call black women hot chocolate.”

Maher couldn’t get through the punchline without laughing. Neither could we.


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