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Fed Up With Trump’s Lies, Neil deGrasse Tyson Just Publicly Shamed Republicans

Fed Up With Trump’s Lies, Neil deGrasse Tyson Just Publicly Shamed Republicans

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In a YouTube video by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famed astrophysicist and author conceded that we have “lost the ability to judge what is true and not” with regard to science.

Tyson continues on with a thinly veiled attack on our own science deniers at the highest levels of government, saying:

“When you have people who don’t know much about science standing in denial of it and rising to power, that is a recipe for the complete dismantling of our informed democracy.”

Politicians – specifically Republicans in Congress and the White House – have questioned the legitimacy of evolution, of vaccinations, of GMOs, of climate change. That’s not to say that we, as Americans, have not had challenges making progress in the past–

“But I don’t remember any time where people were standing in denial of what science was.”

Tyson outlines the method of scientific study, explaining that this process is “better than anything else we have ever come up with as human beings.” While there are obviously disparities between this process and the accompanying political ramifications, he said of science:

“It is true whether or not you believe it. The sooner you understand that, the faster we can get on with the political conversations about how to solve the problems that face us.”

Trump, Pence, Pruitt, and Republicans in Congress have taken to denying facts, science, and other truths that have propelled humanity to the point we are at today. We have achieved tremendous advances in medicine, technology, communication, and nearly every other space that humans occupy. Our current leaders put further progress in grave jeopardy.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best: “It’s in our hands.”

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